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2015 Land Rover LR2

2015 Land Rover LR2, also known as the Freelander, is a unibody crossover which is now rumored to be replaced by the Discovery sport which is scheduled for a 2015 launch. The body which is in it’s second generation, started being manufactured in 2006, thus making it necessary to be replaced with a more modern design. read on…

2015 Land Rover LR2

Redesign of the 2015 Land Rover LR2

Replacing the 2015 Land Rover LR2 with the discovery sport in 2015 might sound… Continue reading

2015 Range Rover Evoque

2015 Range Rover Evoque, the young crossover is rumored to be in the making. The young Crossover is not in for a complete makeover and all you may see might just be minor updates, tweaks and feature addition/improvements. A full body change does not look likely. Read on…

2015 range rover evoque

Redesigned 2015 Range Rover Evoque

The new 2015 Range Rover Evoque is will be based on the current a young looking design, built on a tough body with aluminum and composites… Continue reading

2015 Audi A3

2015 Audi A3, the compact executive car from Audi with a unique styling, lightweight construction and an available quattro all wheel system is sure to delight it’s driver. 2015 Audi A3 is everything that a luxury compact is and more. Read on…

2015 Audi A3

Redesign of the 2015 Audi A3

The German designed 2015 Audi A3 is not a heavy footer which is a trait often seen with the European cars. The car is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and Audi… Continue reading

2015 Land Rover LR4

2015 Land Rover LR4, the luxury 7 seat SUV is all you need while going off the road. While on the road, it still looks hot enough for a drive around the city. Expected changes to the 2015 Land Rover LR4 are not major while you look at the vehicle from outside but may include various improvements and enhancements under the hood. Read on…

2015 Land Rover LR4

2015 Land Rover LR4 redesign

Changes to the Land Rover LR4 are expected to… Continue reading

2015 Range Rover

2015 Range Rover, the world’s best full sized luxury SUV is an iconic beast. The beautiful and hard to beat 2015 Range Rover will be a new refresh to the fourth generation vehicle that started it’s journey in 2012 and is definitely new and state of the art. Ever since the Range Rover started showing up on roads in 1970, this version is the most loaded and comfortable SUV in the lineup you could buy, read on…

2015 Range Rover

2015 Range… Continue reading

2015 Land Rover Discovery

2015 Land Rover Discovery, as premium as one can get with a crossover. Since it entered emerging markets in a big way, the now profitable company is all exited about new designs, cutting edge features and innovations which it is infusing in it’s product line. The new 2015 Land Rover Discovery is expected to follow the legacy and inspire a lot of young people to experience the legendary brand. Read on…

2015 land rover discovery

Design changes on the 2015 Land Rover Discovery… Continue reading

2015 Ford C-Max

2015 Ford C-Max, the new compact MPV is awaited by it’s fans as well as Hybrid car buyers due to it’s popularity in the Hybrid market. The new model is expected to be in line with Ford kinetic design and expected to standardize some of the optional features. Read on…


What are 2015 Ford C-Max changes on outside?

2015 Ford C-Max would be a facelift as the current body is due for a redesign only after an year or… Continue reading

2015 Ford Focus

2015 Ford Focus, the third generation is up for a refresh as 2014 draws to an end. 2015 Ford Focus is expected to be fresh, peppy and fun to drive, although it is the same generation body but Ford has indicated that the focus will get darkened front lamp and a fusion like grille. read on…

2015 ford focus

Changes in the 2015 Ford Focus

2015 Ford Focus is to get design changes in terms of a facelift, a racier looking front… Continue reading

2015 Chevy Sonic

2015 Chevrolet Sonic, available as hatchback and as the 2015 Chevy Sonic Sedan, is an efficient and comfortable car by Chevrolet. The 2015 Chevrolet Sonic is newest expected version over the previous mixed brand names that Chevy has been using world over. The Chevrolet Aveo and Camaro have been around for years and now in North America, Chevy has settled down with the Sonic in place of others.

2015 Chevy Sonic

What 2015 Chevy Sonic changes are expected?

2015 Chevy Sonic is… Continue reading

2015 Buick Verano

2015 Buick Verano, the compact sedan from Buick is young and heart and high on features. Lets take a look at the possible changes as the new vehicle that was launched in 2011 is to see a refresh soon…

2015 buick verano

2015 Buick Verano exterior redesign

2015 Buick Verano is a compact sedan, and it looks like one. The car in its current form will get minor updates as the body is new and is not due for a generation change… Continue reading

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