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2015 Camaro

2015 Camaro redesign is big bold & beautiful, and it’s coming for you soon! check out the great looking new 2015 Chevy Camaro and you will be excited to take it for a spin. Check out as we talk more about the 2015 Camaro changes, price, launch date expectations and more about the Chevrolet beauty.


2015 Camaro redesign on the outside:

The 2015 Camaro is designed to be a track car, and you should not buy one if you just intend to drive it slow! They say racing is for the irrational and for the foolish young, but what happens when you try to overtake a grandpa on the road, he would sure feel the urge to push a pedal on his good old metal. That’s what I am talking about, the need for speed is forever in many of our bloods. Rational or not, if you love driving a fast car, you would fall for this one.

2015 Camaro comes in 3 major versions with  convertible options for the basic and  the ZL1. Then there is the Chevy Camaro Z/28 which is designed for the racer. The great looking new fifth generation body will be updated with changes in headlamps, minor grill updates, side skirting, tail lamps, spoiler and new mag-alloy wheels.


2015 Camaro interior and comforts

Race cars like the 2015 Chevy Camaro are not designed for a luxury interior, but wait, this one is different, a great interior and race car like utilitarian lines are present. Updated infotainment system with navigation and steering mounted controls can be found on this beauty. There are all the features you can ask for in the Bluetooth enabled system and the car has options for almost all features you can think of in different variants.

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The feature list that goes around each model gets a bump as you choose upgrades but as the engines and transmission options improve dramatically the top end can cost up to 3 times more than the basic. The top end version gets magnetic shock absorbers with dynamic drive control, The first in class!

2015 Camaro Engine/Transmission

2015 Camaro will have enough engine options for the power hungry. Here are the engine options for the model options under the Camaro brand:

2015 Camaro coupe & 2015 Camaro Convertible are propelled by a 3.6L V6 DI engine that makes 323 HP@6800RPM, and 278 kb-ft Torque@4800 RPM. The 6.2L EFI V8 engine makes 426 HP @ 5900 RPM & 420 kb-ft Torque @ 4600 RPM. The 6.2 engine comes in the option of Active fuel management, which makes 400HP @ 5900RPM, and 410 lb-ft torque @ 4300 RPM.

2015 Camaro ZL1: This model burns it’s rubber through a 6.2L Supercharged V8 that pushes the limits with a 580HP/6000 RPM engine with 556 lb-ft torque @ 4200 RPM.

2015 Camaro Z/28: This model has a big 7.0L V8 engine pushing 505HP/6100RPM and 481 lb-ft torque @ 4800 RPM



2015 Camaro release date & Price

The New 2015 Chevy Camaro will be now produced at the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant in Michigan. Chevrolet made news in 2010 about returning production of this car back to America. Expect the 2015 Camaro release date to happen somewhere around august. The price range for the entire portfolio should range in the US $ 23K to 37K for the coupe, $31K (starting) for the convertible,  & ZL1 range at around $55-$61K (starting). The Camaro Z/28 at around $ 73K.

2015 Camaro pictures:


2015-camaro-realease 2015-chevy-camaro-changes 2015-camaro
2015-camaro-price 2015-chevrolet-camaro-zl1-convertible-model-overview-interior  2015-Chevy-Camaro-transmission

Over to you:
Does your blood race for the Camaro 2015? Do you plan to buy one, irrespective, what do you feel about this car, share your comments please!

2015 Camaro attractions:

  • One of the most powerful modern muscle car
  • 2015 Camaro Z/28 & ZL1 is a racers dream come true
  • Megnetic precise shocks on the top model

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