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2015 Chevy Chevelle

see url 2015 chevy chevelle, the car that has been out of action since 77 may be up for a re-introduction by Chevrolet. GM has not been official about the 2015 Chevy Chevelle, but we take a look at the possibilities anyhow. The internet is flooded with 2015 Chevy Chevelle rumors and photos, one of the best candidates is shown below…

2015 Chevy Chevelle

2015 Chevy Chevelle: is it up for a revival

2015 Chevy Chevelle may be a dream for those who lived the 70s to their fullest. The classic beauty may get a new avatar, and while 2015 Chevy Chevelle may be a dream come true, it is still to be seen if portfolio cuts in the Auto industry have left the likes of GM thinking hard before making new launch decisions. 2015 Chevy Chevelle’s future depends on how the company sees the market for this once most successful car in today’s arena. 2015 Chevy Chevelle may turn out a wise move as it’s a legendary car that propelled Chevy to highest ever popularity levels. The Chevelle SS was a muscle car that made a mark which is now held up by the Camaro. Indications are that the vehicle may be produced alongside a current platform from GM’s inventory. An engine in the range of 3-5L may be expected in the car. There are expectations that the wheels will be large with bold arches, a new age spoiler system, speedy looking alloy wheel options, and a well shaped rear that goes a little higher than the rear screen. A well sculpted design with modern driving aids and in-cabin entertainment can be expected given the sleuth of features that now adorn almost any GM vehicle. The car will be more of an iconic representation from GM than anything else. We are waiting General motors!

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Your Thoughts:

What do you think about the possible launch of a 2015 Chevy Chevelle? are you an old fan looking to buy the new avatar of the 2015 Chevy Chevelle? Do leave your comments please.

2015 Chevy Chevelle reality check:

  • 2015 Chevy chevelle news is not official for a launch
  • it actually may be in 2016 by the time the model gets ready, if delayed
  • NY motor show 2016 may be the next announcement milestone to watch for in that case

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  1. UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I can’t stand when cars change, or some new age big shot gets his ideas bunched up like his panties, when you have a remarkable body style like the 70 chevelle being brought back on the line don’t change the body style. This car above looks too much like the Cameron you would be doing the antique (chevelle) injustice by transforming it into a look alike meaning the camero body style.

  3. Give the body its original style from the 70s make a classic remake. Change the interior but not the exterior.

  4. That concept look if put in production would keep me from ever buying another gm product. If they ate looking to copy the Mazda then they hit nail on head. I seen a concept of the chevelle that looked extremely retro and looked like a badass modern old school body shape. If GM wants to make money and compete with dodge with their challenger and charger then I would put chevelle into production as close to the 77 as I could. They did good job with camero and corvette. I always said they would make tons of cash to retro style the chevelle but to give it the import look would turn me to buying a Ford and I can’t stand ford. I wish they would actually read the posts that the ppl are saying, then again can’t expect anything less from Government Motors.

  5. This is a disgrace to the chevelle the chevelle was a power house car. Now i have read there is an option for a 4 banger engine for this…..wtf chevy this car should have a massive big block that throws tons of horse power!

  6. Id call it the Chevrolet Autobot or cliffjumper. You cant screw up such an iconic car as the chevelle. Chevy didn’t do to bad with the Camaro but they could have done better with the original style. The Vette looks amazing. Dodge totally screwed up with the charger and dart. You gotta get this head on. Id say take the 66 or 67 style and fit it into the size alike the new Camaro and Vette.

  7. Ugly make it look like the old ones

  8. Would love to buy a New-Old Chevelle, a tribute to American musclear though, not a tribute to American import. The Challenger has done the best so far, come on Chevy build us something we want, not something to compete with foreign car manufacturers. I’m in line for a retro Chevelle! I’ll pass on the other!