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2015 Dodge Magnum

2015 Dodge Magnum, the stationwagon that is rumored to see the light of the day again. 2015 Dodge Magnum was in the news recently with media talking about a possible relaunch. 2015 Dodge Magnum if put into production is sure to see fans flocking back to it again. read on for details…

2015 Dodge Magnum

2015 Dodge Magnum scoop

There are many news sources about the 2015 Dodge Magnum getting into production again, however no official press is found on the subject until this writing. The company loves the magnum, and there a lot of loyal customers who have maintained their magnums in immaculate condition, modifying and restoring older cars. The 2015 Dodge Magnum is a serious contender in these days when planning is on a high at Chrysler. There is a high probability that the model will be launched again. The company ruled the stationwagon segment with this model and there are many in the company who feel that there has to be a relaunch of this car in the form of 2015 Dodge Magnum. When the company announces the product is to be seen, and whether it is in the form of the 2015 model.

2015 Dodge Magnum possible re-launch

The launch may or may not happen by 2015 but we are sure to hear some news on the date when this model will be launched within this year. Currently no prototype has been identified for this car but as the design is not that old, a 2008 model generation might see it being based on an existing Chrysler platform, with en existing engine being adapted for the 2015 Dodge Magnum. Expect the same strengths that the original magnum carried as Chrysler is known to maintain it’s brand image very well. The price range is not known yet and cannot be speculated about much, though one can imagine it in the 20-30K range.

2015 Dodge Magnum opinion

The Magnum is was a great stationwagon that deserves to live again, I feel that there will be a lot of customers who would want to buy it once launched. There is a lot of fan following and people modify/restore older cars and they look amazing. With so many customers backing it, and given it’s successful history, it is sure to win many hearts if done properly.

What is your opinion about the 2015 Dodge Magnum?

2015 Dodge Magnum facts:

  • Best station wagon of it’s time
  • 2015 Dodge Magnum is a strong possibility.

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  1. This would make my next car purchase decision a little more difficult. I’ve been leaning towards the Charger, but this makes it more competitive.

    Can you elaborate on “in the news recently?” Are there credible sources saying this will be coming back? Any links to share?

  2. @ Brent: Ralph Gilles (design head at Chrysler) was positive on the launch in a NY Times interview, and since then (2011) there have been rumors & wishful thinking but no car 🙁 . if I were to buy a car, I wouldn’t hold back as things are not certain when the magnum will be a reality. and hey, the Charger is not bad!

  3. I bought a dodge magnum srt8 about a year and a half ago and I loved it so much I bought two more, one for my son and one for a employee. I really hope they will bring it back so I can buy a brand new one!

  4. i would buy one for sure. Keeping my one in good shape till new wagon comes out

  5. Chrysler should seriously consider bringing back the Magnum,I presently own a 2005 Magnum and would be in line to buy a new one if they bring it back.

  6. I would definitely by a 2015 srt8 if it came out. I love the look of this car.