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2015 Ford Bronco

2015 Ford Bronco, the possible re-introduction of the long numberplated (discontinued) model from ford is a dream for old ford bronco fans. Let’s take a look at indications in the 2004 concept that has not seen production till 2014 becomes a reality?


2015 Ford Bronco chassis, body & exterior redesign:

The only clues how 2015 ford bronco could look is what you can guess from the 2004 concept vehicle. The reality is that the ford escape has pretty much killed the vehicle when the concept of the Ford bronco did not turn into production and the ford escape was revealed in 2013. Ford could have done a better job in maintaining a continuation of ford bronco sub-brand by branding the new model as ford bronco instead of choosing a new name. The 2015 ford bronco seems unlikely and for now there is no news on it. A lot of fans on the Ford bronco boards long for a relaunch, but they are likely to be disappointed as we suspect no 2015 ford bronco will ever be made. That being said, hope never dies and we still look to see if there is any chance ford may revive the brand.

2015- ford -Bronco-black


2015 Ford Bronco revival considerations

2015 Ford bronco revival depends on how US customers look at spending their money for larger gas guzzling SUVs. The blue oval has decided to reduce it’s portfolio on larger SUVs as a matter of wise decision making and as a fallout of the last economic meltdown/bailout drama that shook detroit and the American motor industry that saw the giant part with it’s brands and overheads. The American buyers have shifted towards Japanese manufacturers for their SUV needs due to a much debatable “lower cost and long life” reasons, and left their own brands in peril. The fallout of the economic conditions that we are yet to recover from along with a shift towards the east is that big brands that used to be American and European Marquee are now owned by major Asian countries. In essence, revival in form of the 2015 Ford Bronco is as likely or unlikely as seeing the American buyers choosing Ford or GM branded trucks and buying them in numbers over imports.


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2015 Ford Bronco pictures:


2015-Ford-Bronco-redesign 2015-Ford-Bronco-changes 2015-Ford-Bronco-release-date

Over to you:
What is your opinion? do you think the 2015 Ford Bronco or any future release for that matter will ever turn real?


2015 Ford Bronco points

  • 2015 Ford Bronco may never see production
  • Ford escape can be considered a replacement

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One comment

  1. When I heard Ford was bringing back the old square-back Bronco I was very excited and looking forward to the come back, but the design does not look like the classic Bronco I was hoping for, mainly the front grill, chrome sides, back tailgate makes the look of the classy bronco along with the white top. The new version looks like thte cube and a hummer in my opinion. I had a 1968 and a 1974 classic Bronco which I had, but had to part with…sold for practically nothing. Really regreted losing them! My comment to Ford, what happened to the old sporty look? Did the molds get discarded? Can you make or design one with the grill and back tailgate like the old one with the curves and sharp short look? Thanks for bringing back the Bronco nevertheless I like the doors and windows, but the interior looks like a very richy look. Does it have a back bench seat? So many people are restoring the old Bronco at high prices, still they look great wish I could afford one.