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2015 Ford C-Max

2015 Ford C-Max, the new compact MPV is awaited by it’s fans as well as Hybrid car buyers due to it’s popularity in the Hybrid market. The new model is expected to be in line with Ford kinetic design and expected to standardize some of the optional features. Read on…


What are 2015 Ford C-Max changes on outside?

2015 Ford C-Max would be a facelift as the current body is due for a redesign only after an year or so once the new 2015 is launched. The second generation body is based on the Ford Global C platform which is shared with the 2015 Ford Focus car. The car may get an updated grille like the Focus along with chrome highlighters on the fog lamps and tail lamp cluster. Use of LED elements may be seen at front as well as back. New alloy wheel designs in both low and high profile options are expected, 17 inches alloy wheels are expected to go standard. Available active parking assist makes parking a breeze with just use of brake and accelerator with the computer managing the wheel and instructing you on the right gear. The brakes are regenerative with ABS, EBD, roll stability control, traction control and gas pressurized dampers. The full electric mode can reach a top speed of 85 MPH, Hybrid can go 115 MPH and plugin hybrid can go up to 102 mph, giving a 19 mile range.


2015 Ford C-Max interior redesign

A very interesting interior awaits when you step inside the 2015 Ford C-Max. Expect a fresh design with two tone interiors that please the eyes and have ample space for a comfortable 5 seat configuration. Seats have good support all around although the large dash covers up a lot of space in the front cowl. The new dashboard designs nowadays eat up a lot of space in most cars and it is rare to see a design that uses minimum space making you wonder how they waste hollow spaces in there while engine compartment becomes more compact every time.  Visibility is fair all around and you have an option for reversing system which makes life a lot easier. Climate control is split with rear vents delivering a good volume of air for good heating and cooling at the rear. A flat floor enables comfortable seating for the 5th passenger, while the floor panels hide a storage compartment below your feet to place tablet computer or other objects you would like to store away. The split folding seats provide great options for cargo accommodation in different configurations. The panoramic sunroof is a great addition to the car which uplifts the light availability and lightens up long and short trips alike.
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What type of engine/transmission will 2015 Ford C-Max have?

2015 Ford C-Max is powered by a 2.0L Atkinson-Cycle I-4 Hybrid Engine and produces 141 hp @ 6000 rpm & 129 lb-ft torque @ 4000 rpm. Electric motor is 88kw permanent magnet AC, and two versions (hybrid & energi) have different battery capacities giving them different ranges. Hybrid has 1.4kWh Li-ion giving it zero range but high efficiency, acting as a buffer for recovered energy. The energi model has 7.6 kWh Li-ion battery which gives it a 19 mile range in electric mode, making short trips noise and pollution free.

Possible 2015 Ford C-Max release date & Price

Although no firm news is available, but rumors are that the 2015 Ford C-Max may be available by start of new year and in line with the current price range. For hybrid, the price range (MSRP) is US $ 24-27K while the energi starts at $31k upwards.

2015-Ford-C-Max-colors 2015-Ford-C-Max-redesign 2015-Ford-C-Max-steering

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  • 2015 Ford C-Max energi has a pure battery range of 19 miles for short hauls
  • First in class torque system
  • excellent and airy cabin interiors
  • wiki for the car here

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