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2015 Ford Edge

2015 Ford Edge, the bold crossover from Ford gets the new Kinetic design based avatar. 2015 Ford Edge looks stunning than ever and the well sculpted body now looks much more well integrated. 2015 Ford Edge is expected to be a fun to drive car like all fords, read more…
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2015 Ford Edge

2015 Ford Edge exterior redesign:

2015 Ford Edge outside design is now in line with Fords handsome looking kinetic design. The lower air dam is not yet split like many Fords but looks good anyhow. 2015 Ford Edge can be seen here with a new generation body.2015 Ford Edge sports new headlamp designs, new fusion like grille, new tail lamps, new ORVMs and almost every other part is new. The lower part of the body is matte black and looks sports sculpted for a fresh new look. The 2015 Ford Edge looks like a completely new vehicle and it indeed is.  The 2015 Ford Edge has styling tape on B and C pillar areas and LED enhanced lighting is visible on the front and rear lamps. The 2015 Ford Edge features a front camera that has a 180 degree field of view to help you with tricky situations. The 2015 Ford Edge has been thoroughly worked up for a better parking experience, with perpendicular, parallel and park out assist. The car is also equipped with side parking sensor. The car also features Blind spot information system that Ford calls BLIS, along with lane keeping and adaptive cruise. Overall a drivers car that deserves a place in your drive way.

2015 Ford Edge redesign

2015 Ford Edge comforts

2015 Ford Edge is also loaded with the latest technologies inside the cabin, the Sony based touch system is not only a pleasure to hear, but handles Bluetooth, audio, streaming, hands free, navigation etc. The steering is adaptive and makes the well known driver friendly Ford steering even better. The interior is two tone and there may be more options at production, when you would see the model at the dealerships. The interior looks high quality and well designed, a matured design language is seen across all spaces in the cabin. Fine fabric and well stitched seats, door panels and steering feel built to last. The air vents and dash is designed in the consistent and global kinetic language that ford is using with every new design.
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2015 Ford Edge interiors

2015 Ford Edge Engine/Transmission

2015 Ford Edge will come with the sports option: 2.7L V6 eco-boost engine. There is another engine option, the 3.5L V6 that may hit 285hp and 253 kb-ft torque. The standard engine may be the 2.0 liter eco-boost. The engines will be mated to 6 speed auto transmission. The engine range is smooth and good on performance, MPG is not yet publicly announced.

2015 Ford Edge changes

2015 Ford Edge release date & Price

2015 Ford Edge has been unveiled by Ford, and will soon be available for sale. The price might start at US $28500 ballpark, and top end version may hit a little less than $40K mark.

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  • 2015 Ford Edge is an all new generation for this car
  • Attractive Ford kinetic design
  • Excellent city driving aids and comfortable interiors

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