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2015 Ford Flex

2015 Ford Flex is one Full sized crossover SUV that you would love to own in the $ 30-40K (US) range. 2015 Ford flex is one SUV that stands out in terms of design, interior space management, driver friendly steering (it’s a ford!) & a remarkable AWD system. Although the Ford flex lost quite some sales since 2009, a refreshed look should put things in place for this brilliant AWD system.

2015 Ford flex black

2015 Ford Flex Design

2015 Ford Flex is a Land rover inspired, smoothed out rounded design that stands out on it’s own. Interestingly there are not any noticeable changes that were made in the 2014 model. Expected 2015 ford flex changes may be the bumpers, hood accents, headlamps and cladding. The uber-cool design that it was when this cube-inspired model made it’s first appearance. It seriously needs a new stature now, a full redo should change things considerable to an already good body. The bonnet riding F L E X text is a carry over from land rover that ford owned. The same text on bonnet style is also used by Land rover’s new owners, TATA on their new safari SUV. Frankly speaking, the current 2014 model has too many horizontal highlights on the front in form of straight chrome lines, The 2015 Ford Flex could be better off with a makeover avoiding the same layout. The Rover like side profile of this car although looks good but is now getting a bit long overdue for a redesign. The design looks serious though, and black color option get’s it the “straight out of Men-in-black” look! Design being a personal choice, many people would like it, and equal number of people may not.


2015 Ford Flex Interiors

2015 Ford flex is expected to carry the legacy of versatility, comfortable cabin, and plenty of stowage space for the 7 passengers that it seats. There is plenty of room for luggage, that’s aided by a power tailgate for easy loading. There are more pictures at the end of this page. ( we have taken the 2014 model for reference as not much is known about the 2015) The 2015 model is not expected to be much different, though this may change with an announcement by ford, we would keep this article updated with re-written content once more info is available, so you may want to bookmark us. Expect a newer version of in-car entertainment and nav system, the current version is a Sony and it may be retained with a larger display version with improved Bluetooth and touch. The black interiors with aluminum-insert front door-sill scuff plates are standard, San Macassar wood-like accents as standard & maple accents in the limited version on the instrument panels and door panels. options available on the SEL and Limited models include features leather-trimmed seats with gray perforated-leather inserts,  leather wrapped steering wheel that comes with Meteorite Black inserts, unique instrument panel and door-trim inserts and floor mats with logo.


2015 Ford Flex Engine & Transmission.

For the basic engine option, the same V6 3.5 liter powers this 2015 ford flex. It’s a Duratec V6 engine produces 262 hp (195 kW) and 248 lb·ft (336 N·m). Other option includes the highly recommended [diesel] direct-injected twin-turbocharged EcoBoost that makes 355 hp (265 kW) and 350 lb·ft (470 N·m) of torque. Ford claims that the turbochargers in the engine are designed to last 150,000 miles (240,000 km)/10 years. It’s towing capacity is 4,500 lb (2,000 kg). But be aware that the EcoBoost engine needs you to go with an AWD option.

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The beauty of the system is it’s capability to transfer up to 100% of torque to the front or rear axle if required. What it means is that 100% of power can go to either the front or rear pair of wheels when needed. For example if your rear wheels are in a slippery puddle, instead of spinning free at the rear, those wheels will not get any torque at all as they will slip. Instead your car’s front wheel that are on dry surface will get all the torque and will pull your car out of the situation. The transmission is going to be a 6 speed. The engine power and torque are expected to change because of possible retuning. We do not rule out a smaller engine option being added to this SUV for fuel efficient users. Ford and Chevy are now looking at smaller engine options for larger SUVs and trucks to boost sales as gas prices head south.

ford ecoboost engine

2015 Ford Flex Redesign Conclusion:

2015 Ford Flex has to break some basic rules to be re-included in the super cool crossover club. Let’s face the truth, it was a great vehicle design, and although heavily inspired from the rovers, still made it’s statement on road. Time for ford to move on as JLR’s new owners redo the rover love in India. Now it’s time ford really got to the drawing board and use genuine innovation for a fresh new “made out of gold” design and show Americans why they need to buy a Ford again. The gem of an engine and transmission combination needs a great new body, with an already evolved interior space that can use new fabrics and options. I bet a lot of people will flock to Ford showroom again once they see a fresh new flex.

Ford Flex decision makers:

  • exterior redesign long in the tooth
  • great space management
  • good steering
  • good engine, amazing AWD delivery
  • needs more features

Over to you:

What’s your say? what would it take for you to buy the new 2015 ford flex? Would you rather buy some other model? What are the factors that will lead you to buy this or another crossover? please share!

Some 2015 Ford Flex pictures:

2015-ford-flex-back ford-flex-rear-compartment ford-flex-luggage space
ford-flex-utility ford-flex-steering 2015 Ford-Flex-Interiors

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