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2015 Ford Ranger

2015 Ford Ranger, the mid sized truck from Ford is being readied for it’s debut, but not in the US market. The 2015 Ford Ranger is not really expected here if you consider the news till now. But ford may change that with a late announcement. It is available in various other markets and we take a look.


2015 Ford Ranger chassis, body & exterior redesign:

The body rides the durable chassis from the last of the rangers built in USA although with many refinements. The body is pepped up with new bumpers, headlamps, fog lamps and turn signals, along with bullbars and accessories. The vehicle looks handsome and compact with paint job that spells ford in the most basic sense. We take the favorite and global “panther” black example here. The 2015 Ford ranger is a redesign if you look from any angle. The truck rides on 4 wheels and is targeted to the pick up market in various countries that it sells for now. If the US Version will be same, is difficult to say because of it’s basic trim in other markets. A US version will most probably be a lot more upgraded and uprated.

The body of the 2015 Ford ranger looks bare bones in the international market, with no cladding, and everything down to just the bare metal. Same goes for the loading bed, which is pretty much empty with no protection or loading aids. Heck even the sidesteps are tube based basic pipe bends. The basic non painted grille is sure not what will be launched in US. If a 2015 Ford ranger is launched in USA, it will have a much better load out and fit/finish level as customers expect much more from their truck and the market here is quite different than rest of the world.



2015 Ford Ranger interior and comforts

2015 Ford Ranger is quite basic in the current form internationally, The expected US version should carry all the gadgets that we expect from a good Truck, like a central console occupied with a Bluetooth based navigation/entertainment system. Heating and cooling options that matches the competition at the least with trims that look a lot more attractive than the model shown below. Wood and black/aluminum trims are expected. The basic safety features like airbags, ABS, EBD, Hill hold and a 4X4 option.

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It’s a tendency for manufacturers to cut cost and offer basic trim levels without airbags or other safety features if a government in another country does not mandate star ratings or safety benchmarks. How it goes down with cases of accidents is secondary to profits and competition. So to see a vehicle with low tag and no safety is common place in the developing world.


2015 Ford Ranger Engine/Transmission

2015 Ford Ranger is to be powered by the same dura engine that current fords carry, along with eco-boost engines around the 3.0 liter range, there is expectation of the sub 3.0 liter engines and auto transmission in both eco-boost and dura range that powers the current ford line-up. A paired wheel options may be available at the rear for a uprated model of this truck. The popular torque balancing LSD is also expected if the 2015 Ford Ranger makes it though to this market.

2015 Ford Ranger release date & Price

If and when a 2015 Ford ranger is released in USA is still a matter of rumors and hearsay. However, if it is launched, expect it to happen later around August. The price bracket can be around US $ 20-30K

2015 Ford Ranger pictures:


2015-Ford-Ranger-release-date 2015-Ford-ranger-redesign 2015-Ford-Ranger-price

Over to you:
What is your opinion? do you feel Ford should launch this Truck? what options and engine capability you would be looking for?


2015 Ford Ranger hits & misses

  • 2015 Ford Ranger is quite basic in it’s current international version
  • rugged and strong chassis/body
  • Attractive pricing

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