Tuesday , May 22 2018
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2015 Ford Thunderbird

2015 Ford Thunderbird, the roadster that won many hearts is rumored to be on the anvil. 2015 Ford Thunderbird might be a reality as some in the media claim. But does the 2015 Ford Thunderbird or not, is something that Ford must decide as fans grow eager…


2015 Ford Thunderbird: is it up for a revival

2015 Ford Thunderbird is a rumor, and not true say some, while others feel that it’s sure to come. Which one is the truth is quite hard to say, Ford is keeping quite on the matter and rumor mill is working overnight. If ever the vehicle makes to the production floor, we feel that it might be in shape of a peppy little roadster with the same layout as the original, two doors, not too short a body, and a kinetic Ford styling that is being adopted for every new car that they have designed or redesigned. People who do not want to be named say that the while they cannot say for sure that the new design is indeed a 2015 Ford Thunderbird, they did find evidence that designers are making a hot roadster with larger wheel arches, a lovable yet speed inspiring back, the new Ford kinetic grille/fascia. The design is thought to be based on the Ford DEW 98 platform but again, it may be just rumors.

If at all the vehicles sees light at the end of the tunnel, the engine expectations can be the ford cyclone engine to propel this beauty like it should. Ford might be considering a manual or auto folding roof for this car. The car is rumored to get an AWD system with full time AWD and torque distribution system. Now that the Jaguar brand is no more with Ford, it might be prudent as well as challenging for the company to bring out it’s own number plated car back in action to compete with that brand. Tata: are you watching?

2015 Ford Thunderbird: thoughts

What do you think about the possible launch of a 2015 Ford Thunderbird? are you an old fan looking to buy the new avatar of the 2015 Ford Thunderbird?


2015 Ford Thunderbird reality check:

  • 2015 Ford Thunderbird, no firm announcement by Ford.
  • Possibility of a ford kinetic based peppy 2 seat roadster with a big engine.
  • large wheelbase than most roadsters expected.