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2015 Land Rover LR2

2015 Land Rover LR2, also known as the Freelander, is a unibody crossover which is now rumored to be replaced by the Discovery sport which is scheduled for a 2015 launch. The body which is in it’s second generation, started being manufactured in 2006, thus making it necessary to be replaced with a more modern design. read on…

2015 Land Rover LR2

Redesign of the 2015 Land Rover LR2

Replacing the 2015 Land Rover LR2 with the discovery sport in 2015 might sound a viable solution as no other concept has been seen as a replacement for the LR2 (freelander). IF that happens you can just take a look at the discovery sport and see what’s it like. There is expectations that the body might go the Evoque way and would be bigger than the smaller cousin. The body will go sleek with a high waistline, decreasing window space and increasing the size of it’s wheels thus improving traction, clearance and off road capabilities. JLR is expected to enhance the off road ability of this vehicle in a big way with a sturdier aluminum alloy body which would withstand much more torture than the current one. Shown here is the 2014 version. Features like heated wing mirrors with power and power fold, heated washer nozzles, rear screen demister, LED headlamps, LED DRLs, LED fog lamps, LED tail lamp cluster and a sportier bumper at back and front are expected. The suspension setup is expected to be air cushioned with height adjustment, auto terrain adaptive 4WD and features like ABS, EBD, CSC, parking assist, reversing system might be on the anvil.


2015 Land Rover LR2 changes inside

2015 Land Rover LR2 is also to get a more modern interior, with a central touch based system with a much larger screen offering the features it’s expected from an SUV of this class. Features like Bluetooth streaming, audio commands, video feed, 4G LTE connectivity and others. Better seats with wider shoulder support, better fabric and leather groups and an improved new multi zone climate control will be included. Mechanical auto transmission will be replaced by an electronic unit with probably 9 speed box and you will then see a rotary shifter, saving some space and looking a whole lot nicer. A panoramic sunroof, heated rear view mirrors, heated seats, adjustable and memory controlled power seats are all but expected. Modern charging ports and high speed USB ports and memory car slot for central touch system is also expected. With a boost in sales, a financially stable parent company and profitable balance sheet, we can expect innovations and industry firsts from the company which has pioneered many firsts in it’s product line. So expecting a lot better LR2 is not something out of the blue!
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2015 Land Rover LR2 Engine/Transmission

some text 2015 Land Rover LR2 is expected to be powered by a 2.0 L turbo L4 engine which is expected to be mated to an all electronic auto suspension should be in range of 250 hp and 260 lb-ft upwards of torque. There may be a hybrid option too.

2015 Land Rover LR2 release date & Price

2015 Land Rover LR2 prices may start at around US $50K (MSRP) and the vehicle should go on sale early 2015.

2015-Land-Rover-LR2-release-date 2015-Land-Rover-LR2-freelander 2015-Land-Rover-LR2-freelander-release

Your take:
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  • 2015 Land Rover LR2 is going to be a major update
  • Expected features similar to the Evoque plus many more
  • Wiki on the car here

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