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2015 Toyota Celica

2015 Toyota Celica, the most awaited sports car expected from the world’s largest auto maker may see light of the day soon. Toyota has been busy with concept and this one seems the closest they have got to reviving the Celica in American market. The model looks fab, neatly done and sounds like this one will hit the right spot as far as pricing goes.


Is the 2015 Toyota Celica redesign coming?

2015 Toyota Celica has not been officially announced, nor is it known if Toyota will hold on to that name. They may choose a new name for this car or go with Celica’s well known legacy. Time will tell what happens on the naming front, but one thing is for sure: we are going to get a fast new Toyota sports car. The front of this car looks typical of the brand, nice sculpted altis evolved design cues everywhere. What I personally liked about the design is how the hood bends down to the airdam, which occupies a large portion of it’s face. You don’t see that often today, the design is optimized to use low pressure airflow below the body to maintain stability at high speeds and the rear is lifted up to multiply that effect. Up at the back, the 2015 Toyota Celica looks fab with the boot sculpting out in a spoiler like tip. The large 24 inches (Speculated) wheels show a good in terms of looks, although the competition might be ahead in terms of fatter wheels. On the side, there is nothing much to write home about this 2015 Toyota Celica. Plain metal without any interesting design elements make it a flat looking car on the side.


2015 Toyota Celica: really possible or just rumors?

2015 Toyota Celica may emerge from one of the two concepts shown here. If the one shown at the bottom is used, it may be a whole lot better for the Celica brand, but time and Toyota will tell what happens here. We have never speculated on a model on this site saying “hey this will happen” despite a lot of talk at some reputed websites by so called reported about “rumors” that smaller sites are spreading about a brand or car. These so called pundits are hired in a hurry and I really pity them. Back to the Celica, its a great idea to revive the brand, even more in Japan where it’s still a popular car of yesterday. I strongly feel that bringing out this Sub-brand through a great concept would be like pulling out an ace for Toyota, I just hope they do it.
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2015-toyota-celica possble launch this year

Possible 2015 Toyota Celica release date & Price

2015 Toyota Celica may be out this year, or if that does not happen, by 2016. I have my fingers crossed. Again, there is no news on this, but speculations are based on current concepts and expectations from various entities who hold genuine interest in the revival.

Over to you:
What is your opinion on a possible 2015 Toyota Celica come back? Do leave your kind comments.

  • 2015 Toyota Celica may or may not be produced.
  • There are couple of concepts to speculate on

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