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2015 Toyota Supra

2015 Toyota Supra, the car that Toyota quit making some time ago is rumored to be coming back to life. Although the media is full of rumors, stories and speculation, here is the closest concept we could find that may turn into the 2015 Toyota Supra. The concept looks consistent with the old Supra motto of a sporty and stylish DNA. Read on…

2015 Toyota Supra

2015 Toyota Supra possible redesign

2015 Toyota Supra is expected to be a modern, sleek and performing sports coupe and may be available in regular and GT versions. 2015 Toyota Supra was last sold in 1998 in the US and 2002 in Japan.  The iconic supra may see launch as inspired by the display of the concept by Toyota (shown here). If launched, the 2015 Toyota Supra will be an all new Toyota platform with cutting edge features, from the concept it is evident that the car will have LED headlamps, tail lamps, rear wheel air dam, front air tunnel type airdams that would keep the car stable using below the body air pressure technique to make the car super stable and stick to the road. The concept can be seen with large wheels, probably above 24 inches with low profile and a lower body skirts matching look. A very aerodynamic spoiler can be seen that matches the curved cabin shape. Overall this concept is very attractive and sure to catch attention on the streets. Maintenance wise, being a Toyota this can should be low on ownership costs and high on daily availability, which means it would see lesser workshop visits that a standard car in it’s segment.


2015 Toyota Supra concept or something else?

Although Toyota got this concept shown here that was reveled not long ago, it is natural to speculate which one is the supra (2 were shown) the other car turned out to be a blue colored model with sedan styled body and 5 doors (4+boot) hence that model is ruled out. It has been announced that the other prototype will be an EV or hybrid. So only this model shown here remains a viable option and rightly so. The coupe styling, low height, sports pedigree and no naming as of now suggest that Toyota may badge it as the supra. The company should cash on the name as it is very natural to name vehicle concepts with past name of repute, Supra being an iconic car, deserves a fresh new start now that the Auto industry is out of the worst days.
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2015 Toyota Supra possible release/Price

It is just speculation as to when the coupe will be launched/released or what the price will be. Although it would be immature to comment on the possible pricing but expect the pricing to be competitive and in the rage of the Corvette. You might find different people quoting different ballparks, but the truth is nobody knows what the price would be, and when it will be available as of this writing.

Over to you:
What is your take on this concept? Do you think this is the new 2015 Toyota Supra?

  • 2015 Toyota Supra may see the day again
  • Attractive design, sure to pull attention

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