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2015 VW Bus

2015 VW Bus, the old iconic VW bus is up for revival in 2015? Only time will tell, but the 2015 VW Bus has some hope as Bulli concept is here. VW wants to cash in the emotion that goes with the old VW microbus, but will a 2015 or 2016 model win hearts? That’s yet to be seen…

June 2017 Update: 2018 VW van may finally see the light!

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2015 VW Bus

2015 VW Bus, The microbus

2015 VW Bus features some really good conveniences like a full sized sunroof and large wheels for a better drive. The 2015 VW Bus concept called bulli promises revival of the iconic VW bus in 2015 (possibly) and the biggest & a very disappointing difference we discovered was a smaller body when compared to the classic. The 2015 VW Bus deserves a longer size for the same camping fun that it was once. There are just two rows of seat and the current 2015 VW Bus concept does not show how it can entertain in the same way it used to 60 years ago. 2015 VW Bus is otherwise a great little wonder. With modern design yet the same older theme of lines running down the side of the body, from it’s front grille, reminding you of the good old days. There are those of us who would preffer the classy round lights and same old front, just why could they not do a remake with the same look & modern tech?

We feel that VW may actually make the model larger if it really wants to win the emotional attachment to this icon and convert into some serious sales. Without a longer wheelbase, the 2015 VW Bus is so much harder to buy. If after all, you want to go for a vacation in the 2015 VW Bus, you would want to carry much more in a much better manner (read caravan style) and not just a simple car or SUV load. There is also need for more headspace and overall the 2015 VW Bus has to be larger there too.

2015 VW Bus “Bulli” on space

2015 VW Bus concept “Bulli” is spacious inside but more like a car and less like a microbus. There is need for a lot more room inside to stuff your things as it used to happen 60 years ago. 2015 VW Bus does not live up to it’s older reputation if the current concept comes out as is. But if they decide to space it up a but, there is good news. The current interiors are nevertheless very flexible and versatile. You would not miss much if you are a family of 2+2. But go any further, and you’ll need more. The modern cockpit is clean and themed to match the paint colors outside. with a modern age display and touch system, intelligent features and amazingly fresh looks, the interiors will charm you for sure.

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2015 VW Bus Interiors

2015 VW Bus Engine/Transmission

2015 VW Bus may be based on the current VW engine lineup and the front wheel drive may get a flat 4 gasoline/diesel/hybrid motor with high efficiency. Engines may be sourced from jetta, golf or passat. A six speed auto gearbox or a 6 speed manual may be on the anvil.

2015 VW Bus release date & Price

2015 VW Bus is currently a concept vehicle and firm dates are not available, it may be this year or the next. The price is speculated to be in the range of US $30-40K ballpark as the van will be built in EU. To compete with the likes of town and country, quest, odyssey, sienna, all of which have a good hold on the market.
What is your opinion on the 2015 VW Bus? Do you feel something is missing, or is it your dream van come true? share your thoughts

  • 2015 VW Bus desperately needs to get more length and height.
  • VW should focus on more space and add more utilities to the microbus
  • 2015 VW Bus is a fresh new design that anyone may not like!
  • How about some exterior camping lights & exterior power outlet with inverter, under body lighting and other wild ideas for camping (along with a big battery)?

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  1. What a sweetie!

  2. I hope VW makes the bus again, a little longer, with a diesel engine. I’ll be the first to buy one. Currently drive a diesel jetta. I want to be able to drive to campgrounds and sleep in it.

  3. Longer, keep the sliding doors and make the TDI engine an option.

  4. Won’t drive a family van
    Id drive this one in a heartbeat and trade my cayenne in to do so
    Bring it VW
    Iconic with practicality

  5. I love the Classic 23 window as well as the 21. I have owned the 70 Camper and a 78 Window Van that was easy to haul a 4 by 8 sheet of plywopod in the back and have 2 in to spare.. As a musician I loaded up keyboards amps and guitars and mikes and stands and drove all over. this was with the 45 hp engine..but alas no ac..then I bought a vanagon..finally ac but had the water boxer..but still had the rear engine..a dream of a ride and interior space. I loved my 73 VW Squareback as well..but it was a daily driver to work and not a family camping vehicle.. Why doesn’t vw do us a retro 23 style and size as an electric?..I am tired of waiting and think if they make this bulli one everyone will want to stretch it out..sort of like waiting on the convertible beetle was. I also miss the thing..whats up vw forgotten your roots? we haven’t..

  6. Make it with diesel tdi option and sleeping capabilities. Would buy it immediately! Please sell it in the US!

  7. Oh and sliding doors! Easier to load things.

  8. Still waiting for it to hit the market with a TDI. Here’s another guaranteed sale.

  9. Agree with the others, TDI, sleeper, sliding doors for sale in the US! WooHoo! Only thing to add would be a small refrig & the ability to tow, a very small boat or at least a bike rack?

  10. I like the round headlights better.

  11. Round headlights… definitely. Can’t hardly see those little rectangular jobs.

  12. There is nothing Bus about this except for its retro styling. It is tiny and something only a Agenda 21 global warming alarmist would like. no room to even put luggage if you use all seats.