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2015 VW Bus 2015 VW Bus, the old iconic VW bus is up for revival in 2015? Only time will tell, but the 2015 VW Bus has some hope as Bulli concept is here. VW wants to cash in the emotion that goes with the old VW microbus, but will a 2015 or 2016 model win hearts? That’s yet to be seen…

June 2017 Update: 2018 VW van may finally see the light!

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2015 VW Bus

2015 VW Bus, The microbus

2015 VW Bus features some really good conveniences like a full sized sunroof and large wheels for a better drive. The 2015 VW Bus concept called bulli promises revival of the iconic VW bus in 2015 (possibly) and the biggest & a very disappointing difference we discovered was a smaller body when compared to the classic. The 2015 VW Bus deserves a longer size for the same camping fun that it was once. There are just two rows of seat and the current 2015 VW Bus concept does not show how it can entertain in the same way it used to 60 years ago. 2015 VW Bus is otherwise a great little wonder. With modern design yet the same older theme of lines running down the side of the body, from it’s front grille, reminding you of the good old days. There are those of us who would preffer the classy round lights and same old front, just why could they not do a remake with the same look & modern tech?

We feel that VW may actually make the model larger if it really wants to win the emotional attachment to this icon and convert into some serious sales. Without a longer wheelbase, the 2015 VW Bus is so much harder to buy. If after all, you want to go for a vacation in the 2015 VW Bus, you would want to carry much more in a much better manner (read caravan style) and not just a simple car or SUV load. There is also need for more headspace and overall the 2015 VW Bus has to be larger there too.

2015 VW Bus “Bulli” on space

2015 VW Bus concept “Bulli” is spacious inside but more like a car and less like a microbus. There is need for a lot more room inside to stuff your things as it used to happen 60 years ago. 2015 VW Bus does not live up to it’s older reputation if the current concept comes out as is. But if they decide to space it up a but, there is good news. The current interiors are nevertheless very flexible and versatile. You would not miss much if you are a family of 2+2. But go any further, and you’ll need more. The modern cockpit is clean and themed to match the paint colors outside. with a modern age display and touch system, intelligent features and amazingly fresh looks, the interiors will charm you for sure.

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2015 VW Bus Interiors

2015 VW Bus Engine/Transmission

2015 VW Bus may be based on the current VW engine lineup and the front wheel drive may get a flat 4 gasoline/diesel/hybrid motor with high efficiency. Engines may be sourced from jetta, golf or passat. A six speed auto gearbox or a 6 speed manual may be on the anvil.

2015 VW Bus release date & Price

2015 VW Bus is currently a concept vehicle and firm dates are not available, it may be this year or the next. The price is speculated to be in the range of US $30-40K ballpark as the van will be built in EU. To compete with the likes of town and country, quest, odyssey, sienna, all of which have a good hold on the market.
What is your opinion on the 2015 VW Bus? Do you feel something is missing, or is it your dream van come true? share your thoughts

  • 2015 VW Bus desperately needs to get more length and height.
  • VW should focus on more space and add more utilities to the microbus
  • 2015 VW Bus is a fresh new design that anyone may not like!
  • How about some exterior camping lights & exterior power outlet with inverter, under body lighting and other wild ideas for camping (along with a big battery)?

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  1. VW’s version of the Scion XB??? This needs to bigger like the original. the concept from 10 years ago looked perfect, why the change? If you build it like the original, they will come!!!

  2. 8 seater TDI or you won’t get my family out of our cheap cheap Caravan with a pry bar!! And it better not be the price of a Toureg … Or anywhere close to the price of a Toureg.

  3. Just make it like the old still with these new lines. Had an ’80 westie

  4. Would like a Deisel engine, more than 2 rows would be nice, and cargo space to compete with SUVs for long trips. I currently own A Deisel Jetta Wagon and a flex fuel Suburban. Would love a combination of both!


  6. A little bit bigger interior and head lights like on the original. Can’t wait to buy one!

  7. Best car wonderful microbus

  8. when is this coming out i want one can wait

  9. If VW is reading this, they need to seriously re-think this “bus” thing. It definitely has MAJOR potential as the VW buses have a huge following, especially in the United States but even across the world. VW has a chance to revive an ICON if they do it right. Make the van in the same proportions as the old vans. Make a 23 window “retro” inspired model as an option. The reason is simple. The size of the older vans will allow many people and families to use the vans, well, as VANS! A weekend jaunt up the coast, pop the family in the van and go on a weekend camp out. The possibilities are endless. Although VW is only in the market for one thing, MONEY, if they do this VW bus thing right, they will have their pockets so full of money they will be swimming in it. In fact, this could be their CASH COW for the future. I suspect if VW did a true “retro” inspired VW Bus, it could be their best modern selling vehicle, passing the new Beetle, the Passat, the Golf, and so on. The modern “young” family want a fun vehicle. It’s not only about practicality anymore as it was in the late 80’s and early 90’s. This coming generation of young families want fun in addition to the size of a PRACTICAL vehicle. Take note VW, this could truly be your chance. But it has to be done right. Not that ridiculous concept you show up above here. That goofy thing looks like a first generation Dodge Caravan. It’s a car, it’s a van….NO….It’s none of that. VW, make the new Micro-Bus, Samba, whatever you want to call it, a true retro inspired Van that can be done on multiple platforms. The 23 window, the Camper, the Utility, the pick up truck version. Oh yeah, this could be good!

  10. If VW doesn’t make its proposed microbus look and feel more like the old icon, another company should do it. There’s a lot of love and pent up demand out there, dollars piling up. Maybe Chrysler would be up to the task. It knows how to bring a retro to market. To VW: LOSE THE BLAH CONCEPT BOX. The guys where I take my 2009 Jetta TDI for servicing are scratching their heads in wonderment that VW doesn’t update the old microbus (and bring pick-up trucks to the USA. You can’t shut them up on the topic of pick-up trucks.)

  11. Jennifer Loughrey

    Diesel with wheelchair lift on driver’s side. Need a cooler alternative than the dreary minivan

  12. Round headlights are awesome