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2016 Cars

2016 Cars to watch out for! Next year (2016) is an year for cars, we mean it, there are lot of 2016 Car models lined up for launch. So if your Car is getting old, why not get a brand new 2016 Vehicle in your garage? Let’s take a look what’s lined up for 2016 as far as automobiles go:

2016 Cars: Before we begin!

Before we start with the 2016 Cars list, a quick note about authenticity: We have taken due care in eliminating vaporware and pure rumors (ahh! journalism these days!) But we cannot help ourselves when it comes to a “little” speculation. Rumors and myths apart, we have clearly mentioned where there is a need to tell you if a car is not announced officially. So while reading about 2016 cars, please use prudence and also know that the manufacturer’s word is final.

2016 Buick grand national:

One of our favorites when it comes to comfort and driving pleasure. GM has filed papers, and we expect it to be a sure launch. This will be a new product and hence a new launch. Expect Buick comforts, features, built, look and dynamics. The 2016 car is expected to be a bomb with buick fans. note that the image on right is just speculative and unrelated to the real vehicle. There’s none available on the internet (fakes abound)

2016-car- Grand-National

Next car for 2016 is the outback:

2016 subaru outback is one car that a lot of people are watching out as the company had just refreshed this model. Not because they will overhaul it but because this model might turn out to be an options sweet spot. The company usually turns out very good offers (as in equipment) in 3rd and 4th year of the model before going in for a 5 year average life cycle redesign. Although in the current form, there is nothing much expected as a design change, and the vehicle is a worthy buy now than anytime in the near future.(as model will stay current over some time)


Toyota Celica:

Some say that it is only in 2016 that one may see this car. All who are in favour of a highly cost effective yet sporty Toyota are in the Que waiting for this 2016 car. out of all 2016 sports cars, this one is the most watched. Expect simple side styling and typical Toyota front/back design hints. The low rider is expected to be a powerful performer, but taking cues from the prototypes, it seems more like a watered down version (aka thinner wheels) However it is expected to be a hit with modders.



Audi A3

Minor modifications for now, there may be bigger changes in the year 2016 for this car. Audi is expanding it’s range of cars and SUV’s giving a wider choice for it’s 2016 cars is natural. Audi plans to be an option for buyers in every segment. This is what the plan looks like with new models being filed for in papers. The A3 is Audi’s best selling models in upcoming markets, hence it’s natural that the company will focus on this model when it comes to a redesign.

2015 Audi A3

Buick Enclave

Although sketchy, the web is full of speculative images about the Buick enclave. 2016 cars list should have this a but higher, but we don’t have any real images (not even spyshots) anywhere for now. The Enclave is expected to get a brand new body when it becomes due then. Taking a cue from Buick’s other refresh designs, the Enclave is expected to go sleeker and curvier.

2016 cars

2016 Toyota 4Runner

The 4Runner is one car out of the whole 2016 cars lineup, which has been the most popular around. Hoards of fans search everyday for this little beast on the internet, looking for possible photo scoops and news. The word is that a plain as well as TRD pro version may be announced this year by Toyota. The vehicle has a love hate relationship as far as looks go. Hope they design it for a fair settlement this time.

2016-car launches and expectations

We are constantly adding up cars that are expected in 2016, so stay tuned for 2016 cars! Do leave your comments.

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