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2016 Toyota 4Runner

2016 Toyota 4Runner is an expected major update to the fifth generation 4WD mid-sized SUV. 2016 Toyota 4Runner is expected in 3 trim levels with one extreme version off road vehicle additionally which is called the TRD pro in the current version. As I posted about the 2015 Toyota 4Runner which is to be expected soon, this model is to be launched next year.


2016 Toyota 4Runner body redesign:

The new SUV will be a complete re-make and not an update, that is what is expected and heard of right now. This will be a sixth generation hopefully and the entire chassis/body will be designed from scratch. So you can expect new style of body although for the same 4×4 utility, new grille, new headlamps centered around LED lights, with new fog lamps. The bumpers and side cladding will be new too. Toyota will be under immense pressure to make a compelling case for it’s design given that this is a highly competetive segment with toyota not doing too good on sales in the segment. Besides it should be a global launch as there are many markets where the hilux based model is sold under different names. There are lot of styling differences in each country and it makes sense to now consolidate on the style. Expect the same strong underpinnings, skid plates etc.

2016 Toyota 4Runner interiors and dash:

Expect a fresh new interior designed around a new in-car entertainment and navigation system with lot of new software and hardware enabled features. Expect new trims and finishes in fabric and leather depending upon chosen option and load-out. There is talk about new colors and some Chrome can also be used in many places in the new model apart from wood inserts in a few places.

2016 toyota 4runner, not quite, but we wish they do something more like this to the dash! Sigh!


2016 Toyota 4Runner Engine and transmission:

Too soon to comment on the 2016 Toyota 4Runner engine and tranny but we will keep you posted by updating this article. With gas prices, things can get scary, so scary that a 3.0 Liter engine can find it’s way as an option, but we feel that even if that happens, there is always going to be a better 4.0 Liter engine option too. Let’s see what Toyota does to the current Dual VVT-i 1GR-FE V6 that is standard across the range? chances are that we would get a better, more powerful yet efficient engine in the new 2016 Toyota 4Runner.

2016 Toyota 4Runner release date:

Expected release: anytime after Q1 2015, so a straight 1 year to go. Price: Speculations are in the price slot of 34-48K US. There are chances that a lower engine spec could put the starting price bracket lower though. This is quite an affordable model at the starting range. If you are looking for a future upgrade, it might be a good option.

Over to you:

What do you think should be on the feature list of this new 2016 Toyota 4runner? What are your comments?

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  1. Please add additional cup holders, an espresso machine and a vanity.

  2. 6 or 8 speed transmission, v8 option, new nose that doesn’t look obnoxious. Certainly, maintain excellent reliability and off-road capability.

  3. 2.8 diesel, ten speed trany

  4. Blind spot monitor ears, 360 camera

  5. Hey Toyota, here is an idea. How about making a version of the 4Runner a true bare bones SUV. Something no so laden in bells and whistles. A manual tranny, V-8 engine, a manual transfer case, air lockers front and rear, HD axles. It would be a home run here in America. Thanks.

  6. ugliest front end out there, more power, better handling in wind.

  7. Auto Mute navigation voice during phone calls is very helpful. Just like other cars with NAV systems.

  8. V8 Engine, Real Leather Seats and please please a redesigned navigation system and touchscreen. If the electronics ( Touchscreen and Navigation ) stay the same as in the 15 model I will be going elsewhere.

  9. Increase horse power and input cd-memory, change headlight to HID and interior to led, and if the body can be slimmer. I currently purchased 2015 4×4 limited exactly one month.

  10. x1000 for the v8!! Do it Toyota! We will BUY it!

  11. Americans and their luxury SUV’s. All SUV’s are about the same when it comes to bells and whistles. Toyota, offer a 4Runner that goes back to its roots, tough off road vehicle with awesome reliability along with a high end Limited version. I would say folks who own 4wd or all wheel drive vehicles of any brand never use them for what they are designed for, that being said here is my wish list. A 4Runner, V8 or stout V6, offer a manual tranny, offer a locking rear diff on all levels, real off road bumpers, rugged interior, just to mention a few and don’t price it above 35k anything more is off base.