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2018 Buick Grand National

2018 Buick Grand National is one of the most awaited version based on the regal. Infact it was more of a mod to the 2nd generation regal when it was introduced . The 2018 Buick Grand National is quite a news in media circles. GM filed at the US Patents and trademark office for the sub-brand rights few years back. It is thus speculated that the model is going to be out after 30 years of dormancy. let’s look at the possibilities…

* Pictures for reference only, 2018 Buick Grand National pictures aren’t available anywhere yet

2018 Buick Grand National: For real?

The 2018 Buick Grand National may be a Regal GNX sport luxury coupe based on GM’s Alpha vehicle architecture on which the Cadillac CTS and Camaro are based. The Alpha platform powers the new rear wheel drive vehicle architecture from General motors. The 2018 Buick Grand National is expected to be a cab-rearward design and may be a RWD vehicle.  The images shown here are not the actual 22018 Buick Grand National, but for reference only. Any photos floating on the internet are vaporware, we are yet to see the prototype or spy shots of the actual vehicle. After the big bailout, it’s not been easy for any Detroit company to make new launch decisions.

*representative image

According to various sources, vehicle assembly plant in Lansing (Michigan) will be producing the 2018 Buick Grand National in most probability. But his has been reported earlier and not happening as it should. This plant also manufactures the other Alpha platform vehicles. The Regal makes new hope that sales will revive and old customers will flock to the sales outlets helping make the product more successful. One thing that does come to the mind is not so great performance of GM in most markets recently, especially developing ones. After the eastern investments literally bought the company over, looks like not many customers are eager to pull their wallets out for a GM, but that again is just hear say.

2018 Buick Grand National interior
Expect typical Buick interiors, they are always so chic!

2018 Buick Grand National drivetrain and powertrain

Now besides the 2018 Buick Grand National GN (or 2017 for that matter), also expect a GNX version which is to be a high performance version. A simiar engine for the GNX is obvious but it could be 2 engines with the GNX getting a more powerful version of the larger power train. Expect a 2.0 liter turbocharged L4, a powerful V6/V8 3.5 liter non-turbo and a 3.5 turbo version (for the GNX). Features like Variable valve timers, drive by wire, pedal sifting auto gearbox or a rotary shifter may also be possible. Although details like these are just speculative, we would expect a great sound system, safety features and body control features. we would love to see an 8 (if not 9) inch touch system based on a high grade SOC and running the latest android, for navigation, entertainment and parking aids.  Pricing may be around US $32K – 42K

Notable 2018 Buick Grand National facts:

  • 2018 Buick Grand National is still “all speculation”
  • An impressive Car rearward design, with RWD based on the GM Alpha platform
  • Typical Buick looks, comfort and entertainment

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