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Alfa Romeo USA

Alfa Romeo USA, Getting excited about buying the Italian beauty for your garage? We talk about how one can get hands on the latest model and how to find an Alfa Romeo in USA. Seeing an Alfa Romeo in USA is not that rare if not common, and you are sure to find many Alfa Rome in USA.

Alfa Romeo USA

Alfa Romeo in USA:

Alfa Romeo USA could be bought here through import dealers but not anymore, you can choose from the listed FIAT dealers in your state, yes you heard it right. Before you are sold to the idea of getting your own Alfa Romeo to USA, consider the model you will be getting, do some research, look up this page about different 2015 Alfa romeo cars and make a choice. There is the chick 4C, Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the mito. All of them are great cars for their segment. The beauty of the Romeo is it’s engine sound, its exclusive feel and the way it drives is quite an experience. The European beauty is very well crafted, and looks hand sculpted by a master artist. The front fascia is an exclusive looking triangle and lines just come up from the body and disappear back into it, a truly organic and muscular feeling in a refined package.

  1. Alfa Romeo USA dealers range from Importers to newly appointed FIAT dealership
  2. Choose a FIAT dealer if closer to you, and take a quote from wherever you find it.
  3. Do consider all costs including shipping and handling/tax in total before going for it

Alfa Romeo maintenance in USA:

Alfa Romeo, USA dealerships at FIAT handle maintenance too, do query them about servicing cost and about advance booking for service if any required, including availability of service techs at the local dealership near you. Seek hidden cost details while buying and maintaining the Alfa. Ask for tips from existing owners who might have come to visit the dealer.

Alfa Romeo Dealers/Importers in USA:

Alfa Romeo dealers in USA in a statewise list:

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FIAT of Huntsville, dba Alfa Romeo of Huntsville, Huntsville, Ala.


  • Landers FIAT, dba Landers Alfa Romeo, Benton, Ark.
  • FIAT of Fayetteville, dba Alfa Romeo of Fayetteville, Fayetteville, Ark.


  • Larry H. Miller FIAT Tucson, dba Larry H. Miller Alfa Romeo Tucson, Tucson, Ariz.
  • FIAT of Scottsdale, dba Alfa Romeo of Scottsdale, Scottsdale, Ariz.


  • FIAT of Burlingame, dba Alfa Romeo of Burlingame, Burlingame, Calif.
  • FIAT of Bakersfield, dba Alfa Romeo of Bakersfield, Bakersfield, Calif.
  • McKevitt FIAT, dba McKevitt Alfa Romeo, Berkeley, Calif.
  • Premier FIAT of Fremont, dba Premier Alfa Romeo of Fremont, Newark, Calif.
  • Orange Coast FIAT, dba Orange Coast Alfa Romeo, Costa Mesa, Calif.
  • Santa Monica FIAT, dba Santa Monica Alfa Romeo, Santa Monica, Calif.
  • FIAT of Los Angeles, dba Alfa Romeo of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Kearny Mesa FIAT, dba Kearny Mesa Alfa Romeo, San Diego, Calif.
  • Walter’s FIAT, dba Walter’s Alfa Romeo, Riverside, Calif.
  • Mossy FIAT, dba Mossy Alfa Romeo, National City, Calif.
  • FIAT of San Francisco (San Francisco Motors), dba Alfa Romeo of San Francisco, San Francisco, Calif.
  • Maserati of Walnut Creek, dba Alfa Romeo of Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek, Calif.

AutoNation FIAT North Denver, dba AutoNation Alfa Romeo North Denver, Northglenn, Colo.

FIAT of Fairfield County, dba Alfa Romeo of Fairfield County, Stamford, Conn.


  • Rick Case FIAT, dba Rick Case Alfa Romeo, Davie, Fla.
  • FIAT of North Miami, dba Alfa Romeo of North Miami, North Miami, Fla.
  • FIAT of Melbourne, dba Alfa Romeo of Melbourne, Melbourne, Fla.
  • FIAT of Pensacola, dba Alfa Romeo of Pensacola, Pensacola, Fla.
  • Sunset FIAT of Sarasota, dba Sunset Alfa Romeo of Sarasota, Sarasota, Fla.
  • FIAT of Winter Haven, dba Alfa Romeo of Winter Haven, Winter Haven, Fla.
  • FIAT of Orange Park, dba Alfa Romeo of Orange Park, Jacksonville, Fla.
  • Greenway FIAT of East Orlando, dba Greenway Alfa Romeo of East Orlando, East Orlando, Fla.
  • Fields FIAT, dba Fields Alfa Romeo, Orlando, Fla.

FIAT of Savannah, dba Alfa Romeo of Savannah, Savannah, Ga.


  • D&D FIAT, dba D&D Alfa Romeo, Davenport, Iowa
  • Billion FIAT, dba Billion Alfa Romeo, Clive, Iowa


  • FIAT of Chicago, dba Alfa Romeo of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
  • Bettenhausen FIAT of Tinley Park, dba Bettenhausen Alfa Romeo of Tinley Park, Tinley Park, Ill.
  • FIAT of Metro East, dba Alfa Romeo of Metro East, Fairview Heights, Ill.


  • FIAT of Glenbrook, dba Alfa Romeo of Glenbrook, Fort Wayne, Ind.
  • Expressway FIAT of Evansville, dba Expressway Alfa Romeo of Evansville, Evansville, Ind.


Jake Sweeney FIAT, dba Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo, Florence, Ky.

Landers FIAT, dba Landers Alfa Romeo, Shreveport, La.


  • Heritage FIAT, dba Heritage Alfa Romeo, Owings Mills, Md.
  • Criswell Maserati, dba Criswell Alfa Romeo, Germantown, Md.


  • Suburban FIAT, dba Suburban Alfa Romeo, Ann Arbor, Mich.
  • Fox FIAT, dba Fox Alfa Romeo, Traverse City, Mich.
  • Golling FIAT, dba Golling Alfa Romeo, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
  • FIAT of Lakeside, dba Alfa Romeo of Lakeside, Macomb, Mich.
  • Zeigler FIAT of Grandville, dba Zeigler Alfa Romeo of Grandville, Grandville, Mich.

FIAT of Bloomington, dba Alfa Romeo of Bloomington, Bloomington, Minn.

Northtowne FIAT of Kansas City, dba Northtowne Alfa Romeo of Kansas City, Kansas City, Mo.

North Carolina
Hendrick FIAT of Cary, dba Hendrick Alfa Romeo of Cary, Cary, N.C.

FIAT of Omaha, dba Alfa Romeo of Omaha, Omaha, Neb.

New Jersey

  • FIAT of Maple Shade, dba Alfa Romeo of Maple Shade, Maple Shade, N.J.
  • Fullerton FIAT, dba Fullerton Alfa Romeo, Somerville, N.J.


  • FIAT of Las Vegas, dba Alfa Romeo of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nev.
  • Findlay FIAT, dba Findlay Alfa Romeo, Henderson, Nev.

New York

FIAT of Larchmont, dba Alfa Romeo of Larchmont, Larchmont, N.Y.


  • Bob & Chuck Eddy FIAT, dba Bob & Chuck Eddy Alfa Romeo, Youngstown, Ohio
  • Yark FIAT, dba Yark Alfa Romeo, Toledo, Ohio
  • Bob-Boyd FIAT, dba Bob-Boyd Alfa Romeo, Columbus, Ohio
  • Bob Ross FIAT, dba Bob Ross Alfa Romeo, Centerville, Ohio


FIAT of Edmond, dba Alfa Romeo of Edmond, Edmond, Okla.

Baierl FIAT, dba Baierl Alfa Romeo, Wexford, Pa.

South Carolina
Benson FIAT, dba Benson Alfa Romeo, Greer, S.C.

Harper FIAT, dba Harper Alfa Romeo, Knoxville, Tenn.


  • FIAT of Austin, dba Alfa Romeo of Austin, Austin, Texas
  • Holt FIAT of Fort Worth, dba Holt Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Northside FIAT, dba Northside Alfa Romeo, Spring, Texas
  • Randall Noe FIAT, dba Randall Noe Alfa Romeo, Tyler, Texas
  • Allen Samuels FIAT, dba Allen Samuels Alfa Romeo, Waco, Texas
  • FIAT of Corpus Christi, dba Alfa Romeo of Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Helfman FIAT, dba Helfman Alfa Romeo, Houston, Texas
  • Brown FIAT, dba Brown Alfa Romeo, Laredo, Texas
  • FIAT of McKinney, dba Alfa Romeo of McKinney, McKinney, Texas
  • Cavender FIAT, dba Cavender Alfa Romeo, Selma, Texas


  • Safford FIAT of Tysons Corner, dba Safford Alfa Romeo of Tysons Corner, Vienna, Va.
  • Safford FIAT of Fredericksburg, dba Safford Alfa Romeo of Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg, Va.
  • FIAT of Alexandria, dba Alfa Romeo of Alexandria, Alexandria, Va.
  • Pomoco FIAT of Newport News, dba Pomoco Alfa Romeo of Newport News, Newport News, Va.


Berlin City FIAT, dba Berlin City Alfa Romeo, Williston, Vt.


  • FIAT of Tacoma, dba Alfa Romeo of Tacoma, Tacoma, Wash.
  • Barton FIAT, dba Barton Alfa Romeo, Spokane, Wash.


Bergstrom Maserati, dba Bergstrom Alfa Romeo, Appleton, Wis.

West Virginia

  • Urse FIAT of Morgantown, dba Urse Alfa Romeo of Morgantown, Morgantown, W. Va.
  • Moses FIAT of St. Albans, dba Moses Alfa Romeo of St. Albans, St. Albans, W. Va.


  • FIAT of Vancouver, dba Alfa Romeo of Vancouver, Vancouver, B.C.
  • Maranello FIAT, dba Maranello Alfa Romeo, Vaughan, Ont.
  • LaSalle FIAT, dba LaSalle Alfa Romeo, LaSalle, Quebec
  • JD FIAT, dba JD Alfa Romeo, Boischatel, Quebec

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