Audi Q9 Latest model of AudiAudi Q9, the largest SUV that Audi is planning, is set to be the most comfortable Audi ever.  The Audi Q9 is to be based on MLB Evo platform (stretched version). This is the same platform that A4 and upwards models are based on. The vehicle is expected to sport features that are found with it’s competitors. But when you want to break ice, you need more than a match, opening launch versions are expected to field more equipment than competition. In essence, the new Audi Q9 may just be a notch above the competition.

Audi Q9: No speculations, it’s confirmed.

To take on rivals like the Mercedes GL, BMW X7, Cadillac Escalade & Range rover (Long WB), Audi has gone ahead with registering the Audi Q9 name already. As Audi executives have confirmed that Audi will be launching models above the current Q7 lineup. Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said “We will continue to write this success story and expand our product range from the current 49 to 60 models, We see a great deal of potential, particularly in the SUV segment and in the especially prestigious full-size category”

There may be a Q8 as well, the specific models are not yet confirmed but SUV zone is where the real action is expected. Success of the marquee of it’s Q series points to a looming interest in higher “Q” models and Q8 and Audi Q9 are the obvious choice. Currently Audi fields SUVs in a compact shape with next design changes are set to feature sharper looks. Audi Q9 is expected to feature luxury features like power tailgate, high end audio experience, pedal shifters and a high powered engine driving a tiptronic transmission and quattro all wheel drive system.

While no production or prototyping has yet been seen, we cannot say just when the vehicle may be available for the markets. To say at the least, it may be in 2017 that an Audi Q9 may be seen on the roads. Pricing can be expected in tune with the competition. So to sum it up, looking for cues on the car may not be worth till we have a firm news on the model, if you are wanting to buy a car in this class now, it’s better to buy something else. If however your plans can wait that long, you might want to wait it out for the Q9.

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